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Olina's Bakehouse Cracker Selection 3 Pack 290g

$13.99 each $4.82 per 100g


These crackers are baked in small batches for the best quality and light crispy texture. They are a satisfying accompaniment to any entertaining platter. Excellent with cheese, dips and other toppings


Natural Wheat Flour, Cheese Powder [Milk Solids, Cheese Solids (Milk, Salt, Starter Culture, Enzymes), Salt, Acidity Regulator (330)], Salt, Canola Oil, Raising Agent (500). Fig & Black Olive Wheat Flour, Flaxseeds (14%), Diced Figs (12%) [Dried Figs (11%), Rice Flour, Salt)], Raw Sugar, Honey, Black Olives (6%) [Olives (3%), Water, Salt, Colour (579)], Greek Style Yoghurt [Milk, Cream (Milk), Starter Cultures (Milk)], Raising Agent (500), Salt, Canola Oil. Rosemary & Sea Salt Wheat Flour, Sourdough [Rye Flour, Water, Mature Sour, Acidity Regulator (260)], Unsalted Butter (Milk), Raw Sugar, Dried Rosemary (1%), Sea Salt (0.8%), Baking Powder [Rice Flour, Acidity Regulator (450), Raising Agent (500)], Vitamins (Thiamin, Folic Acid).

Storage Instructions

Keep in a cool dry place.


Gluten, Milk, Rye, Wheat

Allergen may be present

Tree Nuts, Sesame

Nutrition Information

Servings Per Packet Natural: 10, Fig & Black Olive: 6, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 6.6
Serving Size Natural: 10g, Fig & Black Olive and Rosemary & Sea Salt: 15g

Per Serving* Per 100g or 100mL*
Energy Natural: 165kJ, Fig & Black Olive: 263kJ, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 261kJ Natural: 1650kJ, Fig & Black Olive: 1750kJ, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 1740kJ
Protein Natural: 1.0g, Fig & Black Olive: 1.3g, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 1.6g Natural: 9.9g, Fig & Black Olive: 8.7g, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 6.9g
Fat, Total Natural: 0.3g, Fig & Black Olive: 1.5g, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 1.0g Natural: 3.3g, Fig & Black Olive: 9.8g, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 6.9g
- Saturated Natural: 0.1g, Fig & Black Olive: 0.2g, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 0.6g Natural: 1.1g, Fig & Black Olive: 1.4g, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 4.0g
Carbohydrate Natural: 7.9g, Fig & Black Olive: 10.4g, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 11.2g Natural: 79.2g, Fig & Black Olive: 69.6g, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 74.5g
- Sugars Natural: 0.1g, Fig & Black Olive: 4.5g, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 0.8g Natural: 1.2g, Fig & Black Olive: 29.9g, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 5.6g
Dietary Fibre 0.3g Value not available
Sodium Natural: 59mg, Fig & Black Olive: 116mg, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 77mg Natural: 592mg, Fig & Black Olive: 775mg, Rosemary & Sea Salt: 513mg

*All values are considered to be average